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Conwin is the Fuhrende System

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Double Container issue

  • When a user adds an order directly into conwin this can cause an issue with a container being displayed duplicate for the duration of the order.
    • If an order is added to conwin but the container does not exactly match one of the containers in our system then a duplicate is made.
    • Every night at 1200 Uhr a container sync operation runs between Conwin and our system to remove duplicate containers.
      • Container in Conwin not in ours > Container created in our system.
      • Container in our system but not in Conwin > Archived in our system.
    • e.g., Give example of 30m3 and 32m3 container.


When invoices created in Conwin these are automatically uploaded to our system.


  • The statistics shows all the information in our system
  • This is almost live (There is a 15 minute delay due to how the statistics are computed)

There is a fallback system that calculates the weight (or potential weight of the order) if this is not attached to the order:

  1. Weight on order
  2. Weight on invoice
  3. Volume on invoice (Auto converted using data from XXXX)


  • If they want to change a user email or name in Conwin. What happens in ours?
  • If they want to add additional users should they just do that in our system?
  • What happens with order add in PRX. Is this also picked up from Conwin?
    • We checked this and it worked. Should this work for all orders? Anything we should bear in mind here?
Updated on 20. April 2021

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